Senior Project Manager

Sean is a seasoned project management professional with seven years in the digital marketing realm. Specializing in leading high-impact projects from inception to delivery, he excels in guiding cross-functional teams, forging stakeholder relationships, and ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction. Proficient in an array of digital marketing and project management tools, Sean is poised to deliver client-centric and innovative solutions for your organization.

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  • #AgileMethodologies
  • #ClientRelationships
  • #LeadGenerationStrategy

Super Powers

  • Project Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Risk Management
  • Resource Allocation & Forecasting


  • Google Ads and Analytics Certified
  • Hubspot SEO Certified

Client History

Harley-Davidson Program Manager
Shift Digital

In this role, Sean:

  • Managed a multimillion-dollar account, directing substantial projects and building connections with brand executives and over 20 marketing vendors, ultimately amplifying the value for a network of 650 dealerships.
  • Championed the rollout of a SaaS lead-gen project rooted in agile principles, achieving a 15% boost in dealer leads and driving an 8% YoY revenue surge.
  • Directed the complete project lifecycle, from conceptualizing social media advertising packages to ensuring enrollments and their effective execution, resulting in a 30% spike in visibility and a 22% uptick in leads.
  • Forged a collaborative environment, aligning project expectations across clients, internal departments, and marketing agencies while ensuring resource availability and timely progress checks.
  • Liaised effectively with the tech divisions to oversee the CRM infrastructure, promptly addressing client needs and troubleshooting technical challenges.
Mercedes Advertising Program Manager
Shift Digital

In this role, Sean:

  • Spearheaded the design and rollout of cutting-edge Google Ads strategies in collaboration with advertising agencies, marking a 35% growth in brand click-through rates and a commendable 19% CPA reduction YoY.
  • Maintained active engagement with brand leaders and dealers, hosting strategy and progress discussions to maximize their returns on advertising outlays.
  • Took the helm in risk assessments for digital marketing endeavors, foreseeing potential challenges and strategically plotting courses for optimal performance.
  • Steered the complete trajectory of designated marketing ventures, syncing them with organizational targets and ensuring perpetual updates to the leadership.
  • Orchestrated thorough post-campaign debriefs with senior figures across diverse sectors, presenting pivotal insights and pinpointing avenues for refining operational efficiency in subsequent projects.
Dealer Group Program Manager
Shift Digital

In this role, Sean:

  • Introduced a new Dealer Group service focused on SEO and organic social media, boosting program revenue by 26% within a year.
  • Directed a team of 3 to enhance the online presence of dealer groups, doubling their followers and increasing leads by 40%.
  • Held regular meetings with clients, offering insights and strategies to improve their marketing outcomes.
  • Managed the timeline and rollout of marketing projects, ensuring timely delivery.
  • Conducted status meetings with key participants, ensuring smooth progress and alignment on project goals.