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Sirvan Jackson

Digital Operations Advisor

I’m a third-generation entrepreneur who started two businesses by the age of 15—a candy empire in high school and a designer clothes shop shortly thereafter. Discussions with my mom often revolved around profit margins and inventory management, sparking my early interest in leadership and innovation.

My journey took a pivotal turn when I became the Director of Operations at Watchtower, where I led diverse teams of 40 in tackling complex challenges and refining processes to enhance efficiency.

Motivated by these experiences, I established my own consulting firm, dedicated to empowering B2B service firms. One of my initial triumphs was guiding a founder through a strategic exit and sale, a significant milestone that showcased the impact of my firm in the industry. Following that, I played a key role in another company’s growth, helping to increase their revenue to $10 million.

I understand the loneliness that can accompany being a founder and the immense value of sound advice that allows for strategic perspective. That’s why I’m here: to provide that guidance and support, helping you navigate and ease the stresses of business operations.

Looking forward to you hear from you.

I love taking my clients from emergencies to an organized and efficient environment. Let’s navigate your operations and get you out of the weeds

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