Product Owner | Technical Project Manger

Atlanta | EST

Matthew is an experienced Product Owner who excels at leading teams to optimize business operations and deliver customer-focused solutions. He possesses deep knowledge of SDLC methodologies such as Waterfall, Rational Unified Process, and Scaled Agile Framework. Matthew is adept at business writing, crafting documents like BRD, RTM, UCD, and both functional and non-functional specifications. Proficient in utilizing analytical tools, he meets client needs in alignment with organizational objectives. He collaborates seamlessly with senior leadership to devise long-term business strategies and produce informative reports.”

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Super Powers

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Stakeholder Collaboration


  • B.S. Computer Science
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • A+ Certification (Hardware/Software)
  • MCSE Certification

Atlanta | USA

Client History

Product Owner
Bank of America
  • In his role at Bank of America as a Product Owner, Matthew prioritized optimizing business operations to serve the bank’s vast customer base effectively.
  • He leveraged deep knowledge of SDLC methodologies, notably Waterfall and Scaled Agile Framework, ensuring seamless software development.
  • Matthew was recognized for his business writing acumen, creating key documents such as BRD, RTM, and UCD to drive project clarity.
  • He adeptly used analytical tools to align the bank’s multifaceted client needs with overarching organizational goals.
    Collaboration was pivotal in his position, where he engaged closely with senior leadership, influencing long-term business strategies and delivering insightful reports.
Business Analyst
  • In this role, there was a consistent focus on generating insightful reports that assessed operations and pinpointed areas for improvement.
  • Active participation in design sessions ensured consideration of both current data and potential impacts.
  • Working closely with the Data Lead, priorities were defined and issues addressed proactively.
  • Extensive data analysis was conducted, both for issue resolution and to cater to specific customer requests.
  • Through thorough analysis, business trends and patterns were identified, leading to the creation and distribution of diverse client and operational reports.
Product Owner
Wells Fargo
  • In this role, analyzing existing systems and understanding evolving business needs was a priority, complemented by thorough research on usability and customer experience.
  • Central responsibilities included crafting use cases, defining requirements through various feedback avenues, and utilizing tools like Rational Requisite Pro for efficient requirement management.
  • There was a sharp focus on clarifying and categorizing requirements, and then presenting tailored solutions and recommendations that best fit these requirements.
  • Drawing from database and data management experience, designs were crafted to align seamlessly with user needs, involving processes from mockup creation to the actual screen development.
  • To ensure system integrity, rigorous testing was conducted while continuously researching and adapting to meet audience needs and enhance the existing infrastructure.