Senior Project Manager

Boynton Beach | FL

Christine is a seasoned Project Manager with an Account Management background and expertise in defining project objectives and resource allocation. She has streamlined support services, managed significant budgets, and negotiated advertising deals. Familiar with both B2B and B2C clientele, Christine has collaborated with a range of businesses, demonstrating versatility and commitment.

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Super Powers

  • Creative Thinking
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Planning


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • BSc in Business Administration

Boynton Beach | USA

Client History

Senior Project Manager

In her role, Christine:

  • Determined project scope and objectives, ensuring efficient resource allocation to meet set goals.
  • Orchestrated bi-weekly sprint plans and headed stand-up sessions for all engineering teams.
  • Collaborated across various organizational disciplines to oversee the project’s scope.
  • Oversaw milestone achievements while adhering to a detailed project schedule and action plan.
  • Consistently updated stakeholders on project strategies, modifications, and advancements.
  • Coordinated with vendors and suppliers, delegating tasks and setting clear expectations for deliverables.
  • Adhered to industry-leading practices and methodologies throughout project lifecycle.
  • Evaluated project outcomes to pinpoint areas requiring enhancement.
Account/Project Manager

In her this role, Christine:

  • Orchestrated and optimized comprehensive support projects for law firms, ensuring timely scheduling and placement of court reporters, interpreters, and videographers, while overseeing venue logistics for multiple legal proceedings and acting as the primary coordinator for 15 key clients.
  • Implemented standardized email protocols to enhance operational efficiency, systematically gathered client feedback, and coordinated marketing projects, from event planning to promotional material deployment.
  • Managed client project data within HubSpot, analyzed engagement trends via Looker, and undertook strategic evaluations of client choices and service interactions to highlight avenues for revenue optimization and project enhancement.
Account/Project Manager
Battle MediaLab

In this role, Christine:

  • Managed and provided strategic oversight for five significant retainer accounts, overseeing both local and national project tasks while developing and articulating clear project briefs for team members and external partners.
  • Expertly crafted yearly strategic plans for retainer clients, allocating budgets upwards of $500K, and effectively secured cost-efficient deals for print and radio promotional campaigns.
  • Successfully negotiated with vendors to procure high-value advertising solutions at optimal costs, while promoting the value proposition of monthly retainer packages that incorporated a diverse range of advertising mediums such as web, video, and graphic design.
  • Collaborated with a diverse clientele, ranging from startups to industry giants, and played an instrumental role in operational decision-making, including HR planning, policy formulation, administrative tasks, and ensuring timely billing processes.