Technical Project Manager

Seattle | PST

Nazli is a MBA graduate with excellent coordination, communication, and organizational skills. She has regularly shown that she is willing to go above and beyond to ensure projects are completed on time with no impact on the partners or customers she’s supported previously. She has continuously shown her willingness to achieve the high goals she has set for herself. As a project leader Nazli and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to support the success of her team and ultimately each project.

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  • #organization
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Super powers

  • Project Leadership
  • Planning and Coordination
  • Deadline Driven
  • Relationship Building

  • Software development
  • Program management
  • Web application development

Seattle, WA

Available from

  • December 5

Weekly Availability

  • 20 hours

Years of experience

  • 12

Client History

Technical Project Manager
  • Report to management semi-weekly on all projects.
  • Monitor schedules and due dates for the projects.
  • Establish and grow a rich and honest relationship with the clients.
  • Hold Designers and Engineers to quality standards, timelines, and bids.
  • Schedule meetings with internal teams and clients for reviews/releases.
  • Review submissions by technical teams and approve/reject.
  • Create SOW, agreements, and SOPs for the company.
  • Create necessary tech accounts for each project and give access to the necessary team members.
  • Interview, hire, onboard new freelancers.
  • Manage budgets for each project.
  • Organize all documents and give team members necessary accesses.
  • Create Smartsheet project plans and budget templates
Technical Project Manager
  • Built project plans to align with SOWs that reflect Wisewire’s quality expectations, while balancing budgets, communicating with teams and stakeholders, and mitigating risks.
  • Held project teams accountable to quality tracking, ensure team performance is captured through quality tracking data, and proactively addressed issues with project leads. Built, enforced, and maintained project artifacts as needed, including style guides, communication plans, workflow visibility, and customer sign off checkpoints.
  • Communicated efficiently and with integrity, managing up, down, and outward before customer or team challenges arise. Ensured the right details are communicated at the right time to the right people in the right format. Escalated concerns early and often.
  • Optimized revenue recognition, tightly monitored and controlled project spend (freelance and staff).