Senior Product Manager

Greenbay | CST

Chad is a creative product manager, working as a professional in the industry for over 20 years.  During his professional experience, he has gathered expertise through a number of opportunities, proving that he can learn quickly, adapt to any environment, and perform under unfamiliar conditions.

As a programmer, and a product manager, Chad has worn many hats, but the one he succeeded the best at, was managing teams of programmers while creating award-winning digital solutions. Overall, he has consistently demonstrated leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities in every aspect of each of his manager positions.

He has professional experience with client server, web and midrange technologies, including business analysis, database architecture and development, object oriented architecture and development, and application design, development, installation and testing.  His background includes Web, Intranet, UI/UX and E-Commerce development as well as network planning, design and installation.  Those experiences are foundational to Chad’s roles as a Technical Consultant, Product Manager, and Project Manager. Chad has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, SaaS, marketing, insurance and transportation.

  • #agiledevelopment
  • #flexibility
  • #organization
  • #problemsolver

Super Powers

  • Estimating
  • Risk Management
  • Product Development
  • Team Leadership

Project Types

  • SaaS services
  • E-commerce
  • Web services
  • Content Management Systems

Greenbay | USA

Available from

  • January 3

Weekly Availability

  • 40 hours

Years of experience

  • 20

Client History

Senior Delivery Manager

Chad supported the The 2021 BigCommerce Partner of the Year in:

  • Producing digital solutions to medium and large businesses.
  • Meeting customer expectations on E-commerce and marketing websites
  • Leading project managers to transition project work into regular maintenance
Product Manager/Designer
Team 2

Chad’s role here involved:

  • Modifying a proprietary CMS to support client needs
  • Providing leadership and customer management for his team and stakeholders
VP of Development

Chad’s primary role involved:

  • Managing projects and project strategies
  • Leading and growing the development team
  • Growing the startup by 200% through his leadership