PM & Agile Coaching

PM & Agile Coaching

We got it: your team is overwhelmed and has no time left to upgrade their skills. Help them learn right in the workplace through in-house project management training from seasoned project leaders.

Expert Coaching: Your Key to Project Management Mastery

Unleash Your Project Management Potential with Our Expert Coaching! Choose from 1-on-1 or group options with personalized guidance from seasoned PM experts. Soar to new heights in your career and achieve project success like never before.

Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Tailored Attention: Get personalized attention and guidance from a seasoned project management expert, who will understand your specific needs and goals.
  • Fast-Track Your Progress: With 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll receive immediate and direct feedback, allowing you to make adjustments and achieve your goals faster.
  • Safe Space: Ask questions and receive feedback without the fear of judgment, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Career Guidance: We help you get where you want to go and achieve your professional goals and to your full potential in your career.

Collaborative Group Coaching

  • Collaborative Learning: Work with a group of peers and receive guidance from a seasoned project management expert in a collaborative learning environment.
  • Group Dynamics: Benefit from the collective insights, experiences, and perspectives of your peers, leading to a rich and diverse learning experience.
  • Value-Packed Education: Get access to the same expert guidance and comprehensive curriculum as in 1-on-1 coaching, with the added benefit of group dynamics and a collaborative learning environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build relationships with like-minded individuals and expand your professional network, all while learning from experienced project management experts.

The process…


Decide on Personal or Group coaching


Visioning session where we discuss your Why and current pains


Design your custom plan to get you where you want to be


Meet biweekly or monthly to keep you moving forward to your goals

Meet your leading coach

Sirvan Jackson

Founder & Strategy Director

15 years in operations, leading and coaching agile teams in companies and NGOs with global presence.

  • Project Management Professional from PMI
  • A-CSM from Scrum Alliance
  • CSPO from Scrum Alliance
  • CAL-T from Scrum Alliance
  • CAL-O from Scrum Alliance
  • Postgraduate degree from UMass in Project Management

What are people saying about our coaching?

“Van has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the project management field, and he’s helped me take my skills to the next level. Van provided valuable insights, tools, and techniques that I was able to immediately apply to my work. I was impressed by his ability to quickly understand my unique challenges and tailor their coaching to meet my specific needs.”

Edidong Dan

Senior Project Manager

Get guidance from seasoned Project Leaders

Our seasoned project leaders provide a strategic vision that elevates your leadership, operational, and project management teams. Experience improved project outcomes, reduced risk, and a more efficient organization with our tailored guidance and real-world experience.

Senior Product Manager

Chad is a creative product manager, working as a professional in the industry for over 20 years.  During his professional experience, he has gathered expertise through a number of opportunities, proving that he can learn quickly, adapt to any environment, and perform under unfamiliar conditions.

Product Manager, Director

Jae is a seasoned product leader, with more than a decade of experience leading software development teams in building customer applications, web applications, mobile applications, and web service APIs for SaaS services, security, and more.

What if you could…

Become a project leader, not just a doer

Hold effective Scrum ceremonies consistently

Translate stakeholder requests into digestable requirements

See scope creep coming a mile away

Our goal in coaching agile teams is not to “give you fish,” but to “teach you to fish.”, leaving you stronger than you arrived with a long-lasting impact for your company.

Don’t wait to skyrocket your project career