Jira Consulting

Jira Consulting

When everyone is overloaded, you might hire extra specialists. Instead, check how you manage tasks and use Jira. In most cases, our clients cut overhead costs after customizing the project management tool to their company’s needs.

Look at Jira from different angles

Jira strategy

We help you define the best way to use Jira for project management specifically for your objectives.

Jira implementation

We customize or set up the tool from scratch to bring efficiency to all your clients’ projects.

Jira migration & upgrades

We move your processes from any platform to the most highly recommended Agile tool in the world.

Jira training

We ensure your team becomes Jira-mature by providing coaching and supervision.

Jira support & maintenance

We assist you weekly through Slack and keep software updated and resolve challenges faced in the instance.

Achieve operational harmony and…

  • Focus on what really matters
  • Have time to grow projects
  • Cut overhead costs
  • Establish clarity in the team

Choose the right package for you

Need a customized package?

We collaborate with you to architect and implement a tailored solution for effectively managing your projects using Jira, making it a valuable tool for your team.

Behind the
success of Jira Consulting

Atlassian Expert

Drew has onboarded and coached 700+ teams in their use of Atlassian products over his 7 years as an Administrator. Although he loves simplicity he is not afraid of complex builds. Drew holds a PMP  and multiple Scrum certificates along with a strong background in Lean Six Sigma to help teams work at their best.

Jira Administrator

During Esteban’s years as Jira administrator he has configured a many projects. He has the expertise to diagnose clients needs succinctly and quickly understand what is needed for teams to be successful in Jira. All while keeping balance of the performance and security of each project as well as the Jira instance. Esteban has also had the privilege to contribute to multiple plugins from the Atlassian marketplace.

We learn to serve you better

What people are saying about us…

“What a privilege to work with Arithmetic on a major project. They provided critical insights into our processes and kept our projects on track.”

Paula Heron

Senior Project Manager at TNM

Contact us today to reduce manual work and expenses

Our goal is to optimize Jira, making it a productive tool for you, rather than a source of wasted time.

Jira consulting can help your team improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration by providing expert guidance on how to effectively use the platform. Our consultants will work with your team to optimize workflows, set up integrations with other tools, and provide training on best practices. They will also help you to configure and customize Jira to meet the specific needs of your team and projects. Additionally, our consultants can also help you to improve the overall team performance by providing insights and recommendations on how to optimize the use of Jira.

Our consultants are highly experienced in using Jira, with a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities. They have successfully implemented Jira for a variety of clients across different industries and have a proven track record of delivering results. Our consultants have also received multiple Atlassian certificates, demonstrating their proficiency in the tool. They are also updated with the latest features and best practices of Jira.

The time it takes to see results can vary depending on the specific needs of your team, the complexity of your project, and the level of adoption and commitment of your team. However, our consultants will work closely with your team to implement best practices and optimize workflows as quickly as possible. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that the team is able to maintain the improvements and continue to use Jira effectively.

The cost of Jira consulting varies depending on the specific needs of your team and the duration of the project. We provide different pricing tiers for straight forward support. However we also can scope out the work needed and provide custom estimate after understanding your specific needs and requirements. It’s important to note that investing in Jira consulting is an investment in the long-term productivity of your team and the success of your projects.

No, we handle consulting for most Atlassian products, not just Jira. Jira is a very popular tool among our clients, but we also have experience and expertise in other Atlassian products such as Confluence, Trello, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk and Jira Service Manager. We can provide guidance and support for these tools as well as other third-party integrations that work well with Atlassian products. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the specific needs of your team and projects. We can help you to optimize the use of multiple tools and platforms to improve the overall performance and efficiency of your team.