Agile Transformations

Closer look
at strategy and operations consulting

Business process analysis

What we do: Deeply examine each part of your operations and identify your company strengths and weaknesses.

What you get: Action. A plan of attack and folks to implement with you in lock-step.

Business process mapping

What we do: Visualize the steps in your processes from start to finish.

What you get: Clarity. Everyone will understand their role to help the company succeed.

Business process documentation

What we do: Document the workflows you will use and cut out the fat.

What you get: Simplicity. Smooth functioning and consistent execution of every process.

Business process adjustment

What we do: Monitor how the new and improved processes work and how well they suit the organization.

What you get: Consistency. This is the part when it gets repeatable.

Strategic project management

What we do: Design a PM process that your team can follow so all projects flow successfully.

What you get: Less headaches. More alignment with your organizational strategy.

Operations consulting helps you achieve

  • Helicopter view over your processes
  • Engaged and more productive employees
  • Best in class service for your clients
  • Increased revenue and lower overhead costs

It’s not just a
project management audit…

After helping organizations of all sizes and industries achieve order in their processes, we eventually developed a unique method to operations consulting called DECODE. It embraces our ideas, thinking, and the very essence of business operations consulting.


It all starts the same: you come with a tension point, realizing something goes wrong in the company processes. We analyze the project teams and your entire environment to identify particular issues in your operations.


Once the problem is identified, we search for the solution by evaluating the results and suggesting ways to improve and change the current situation.


Effective implementation of solutions and making changes require a collaborative effort between our teams and yours. It is essential to concentrate on making the best decisions and closely monitor their effectiveness.


Providing solutions is important, but it’s equally crucial to ensure they can be repeated. To achieve this, we must implement a systematic and disciplined approach to ensure the new approach is well-understood by all. This process starts with leadership and organization at the top level.


Now that you’ve worked with the Arithmetic team, you can see the difference in your company’s processes. We will evaluate the results and the outcomes your company has achieved as a result of our collaboration.


The pursuit of perfection is never-ending. We continuously improve established workflows, analyze new situations and adapt to ensure your processes are always evolving for the better.

We learn to serve you better

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Let us learn more about your operations challenges.

Operations consulting is all about helping businesses like yours improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our focus is on identifying and addressing inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your operations, and implementing strategies and processes to help you achieve your goals.

Operations consulting can bring various benefits to your business, including reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction. Our team at Arithmetic has the expertise and experience to help you identify the specific areas of your operations that are holding you back, and implement tailored solutions that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

We at Arithmetic work with clients across different industries, including technology, IoT, and creative marketing agencies. Some of the types of projects we typically work on include process improvement, cost reduction, supply chain optimization, and performance management. Additionally, we have extensive experience in digital transformations and IoT projects.

At Arithmetic, we begin every engagement by thoroughly assessing your current operations and identifying areas of improvement. Based on this assessment, we will work closely with you to develop a customized action plan that addresses your specific needs. We will then work closely with your team to implement the recommended changes and ensure they are fully integrated into your operations.

We understand that sustainable change requires a combination of process improvements and cultural changes. We work closely with your team to ensure that the changes we recommend are fully integrated into your operations, and that your team has the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain them. Additionally, we will provide ongoing support to ensure that the changes remain effective over time, so you can have peace of mind.